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Dr. Crawford aims to empower individuals, professionals, and communities to embrace the potential of functional neurology and its transformative impact on brain health and overall well-being.

Dr. Brandon Crawford DC, FIBFN-CND

Specializations: Functional Neurology, Photobiomodulation, and Childhood Neurodevelopment
  • Texas A&M University: Major in Biomedical Science, Minor in Business Administration
  • Parker University: Bachelor of Science degrees in Human Anatomy and Health & Wellness
  • Parker University: Doctorate in Chiropractic
Certifications and Licenses:
  • Fellow of the International Board of Functional Neurology
  • Chiropractor licensed in Texas, USA and Dubai, UAE
Professional Experiences:
  • Owner and lead physician at the NeuroSolution Center of Austin
  • Co-Founder and managing partner of the NeuroSolution Center of Atlanta
  • Co-Founder and managing partner of NeuroSolution Products
  • Co-Founder, co-developer and managing partner of NeuroSolution CBD
  • Co-Founder and managing partner of the NeuroSolution Center of Dubai (opening early 2024)
Research and Publications:

Dr. Crawford is known for his work and advancements in laser and light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, specifically within functional neurology. He has lectured globally on co-activation for photobiomodulation and its relationship with neurophysiology. Dr. Crawford is currently authoring a book on the most effective methods to creating positive neuroplasticity for brain injuries of all types.


Dr. Crawford combines his expertise in Biomedical Science, Human Anatomy, and Health & Wellness to create a comprehensive approach to treatment. Dr. Crawford and his business partner, Dr. Kyle Daigle, have developed the NeuroSolution ESM Methods, focusing on three pillars of generating positive neuroplastic change to improve one’s health: Energy, Sensory, and Movement.

Personal Life:

Brandon is the proud father of two sons and devoted husband to his childhood sweetheart and business partner, Sarah Crawford, who serves as the COO in many of their joint businesses. He enjoys telling bad dad jokes, exploring the world with his family, and dreaming up innovative ways to change healthcare for the better.

Speaking Engagements:

Dr. Crawford brings over a decade of expertise in presenting at diverse healthcare and academic settings. Passionate about educating others in order to expand this cutting edge form of healthcare, his most notable topics include Photobiomodulation, The Crawford Theories of Co-Activation for Photobiomodulation, Traumatic Brain Injuries (anoxic and hypoxic) , Neurodevelopmental Disorders, and Chronic Pain Syndromes. To invite Dr. Crawford to speak at your event or educational venue, please reach out to