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528 Innovations: What Makes This New Tech a Game-Changer for Your Health?

Episode #014

May 22, 2024


Dr. Brandon Crawford and Kevin Johnson introduce a revolutionary healthcare technology from their company, 528 Innovations. They recount the inspiring journey of Kevin's son, Dylan, whose battle against an undiagnosed neurological disease has been aided by advanced laser therapy.

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Show Notes

In a special episode of the Longevity Formula Podcast, Dr. Brandon Crawford and his business partner, Kevin Johnson, discuss the launch of 528 Innovations, a revolutionary new technology designed to transform healthcare and home treatment. They delve into the significance of May 28th (5/28) and the 528 Hz frequency, share personal stories of overcoming medical challenges, and explain how their innovative laser device aims to make advanced, safe, and effective laser therapy accessible for both clinicians and home users. Join them as they unveil their journey, mission, and shared goal of changing lives through groundbreaking innovation.

What You’ll Learn

  •  The significance of the date May 28th and its relation to 528 Innovations, a company aiming to revolutionize healthcare with new technology.
  • How photobiomodulation or laser technology can enhance conventional medical practices and offer hope and improved outcomes for challenging health conditions.
  • The journey and partnership between Dr. Brandon Crawford and Kevin Johnson in developing a safe and powerful laser device for both professional and personal use.
  • The potential impact of advanced laser therapy in various medical contexts, including acute care and rehabilitation, by enhancing cellular resilience.
  • Insights into the future of healthcare through innovation, focusing on accessibility, efficacy, and safety of cutting-edge medical technologies.

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