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What Is An Intensive And How To Prepare

Episode #018

June 25, 2024


Dr. Brandon Crawford explains the intensive care program offered at his clinic. This program leverages neuroplasticity to create positive brain and nervous system changes. It's ideal for those with complex neurological disorders, seeking health optimization, or wanting a cognitive boost.

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Show Notes

Ever wonder what an intensive care program for the brain looks like? Dr. Brandon Crawford breaks it down in this episode while answering some of the most asked questions. He explains how the program utilizes frequent, intense, and long-duration stimuli to achieve positive neuroplasticity, essentially jumpstarting the brain's ability to change and heal.

The episode dives into the program's benefits, including collaboration with a specialist team, personalized home care plans, and improved neurological function.  Dr. Crawford also details the program's various durations, from 3 days to multiple months, to best suit individual needs.

For more information, questions or to book an intensive, please email

What You’ll Learn

  • What is neuroplasticity, and how does the program leverage it.
  • The benefits of the intensive care program for different conditions.
  • What program durations are available, and how to choose the right one.
  • How to prepare for your intensive care program to maximize its impact.

Ideas Worth Sharing

“Positive neuroplasticity is key to kickstarting the healing process in the brain and nervous system.” — Dr. Brandon Crawford

“We want to meet you where you're at and create a personalized plan for optimal results.” — Dr. Brandon Crawford

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For more information, questions or to book an intensive, please email

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